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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reflections...or Random Thoughts

So far so good on an AP US History Flip classroom.  I am amazed how much 1 on 1 interaction that I am now able to have with my students with the spectre of lecturing off of my back. While I believe I had a great classroom environment before, it is even better now.  I also think kids appreciate that fact that I am trying to do something different. 

Students reactions have been pretty positive...but some are unhappy because...gasp...they have to apply knowledge in class.  It was easy before...sit and listen to a cool presentation by myself, be entertained, and learn some historical facts.  Now, with more class time for higher level activities, kids must apply knowledge.

Finally...this week has given me one the great benefits of a flipped my students one on one feedback on essay writing.  It has been so great to be able to work with each one of them and give them specific feedback on their writing...why haven't I been flipping all along????


  1. Thanks for writing this blog, I just started my own "flipped" history class this past week and started blogging about it as well. I'm happy to see someone else in the social studies realm trying this technique as their haven't been many resources particular to our field. I have in just one week, seen a lot of the things you mention in this post..keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing how your year turns out with this new style.

  2. I actually found this blog through Elizabeth's blogroll.

    I teach regular US history at my school, and I'm seriously considering making the flip next year. I'm curious, at the HS level, do you find that the class time is well spent on discussion, document analysis, and writing, or, put another way, is it ever difficult to fill the time effectively?

    Second, and this is really the one concern that has been raised in my department that I'm unsure of, is how do you make sure that the students are still reading either from a text, or a document, etc? I believe that there is some value to outlining and reading, if only because it is an essential tool for later on, but I don't know when that would fit in. Seems like a waste to have communal time in class that I use to have them read quietly to themselves. Is that ever assigned in addition to watching a video?

    Don't feel pressured to answered; I'm just feeling out the idea.

  3. Teaching US History in a flip has been great. Content is content and they are able to get it in an awesome way on video. It has really allowed me to focus on you mention.... discussion, documents, writing. It is NOT hard to fill the time. The kids don't have to learn the content in class but rather take it to another level through more critical thinking activities.

    Secondly...we most defiantly still read. That is the great part...the reading is done in class. Sure, there are some times that a little reading is done at home but for the most part it is part of in class activity now.

    The flip is not really about the videos, but the time and activities that you have in your classes. Feel free to email me as well.