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Thursday, February 2, 2012

BYOD....Lets do this thing!

I think BYOD is one of the great advances in education.  Soooooo many kids already have their own deceives.  What if we unleashed them and allowed them to have their own device to help with their own learning?  Let's put the learning in the hands of the kids...

In the days of shrinking budgets lets think smarter not harder.  If a school is equipped for student wifi access then we should encourage them to bring their own devices. 

What if a kid doesn't have a device?????  Schools should provide low-cost tablets or net books for check out for students.  Schools can also have desktops available in and around the school.

Here is a novel concept...lets stop spending so much money on copy machines and more money on computers!  Teachers have tools like Google Docs and any number of LMS's that allow to be as paperless as possible.

Lets stop teaching in the 20th century and move forward to the 21st century!!

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