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Monday, January 9, 2012

So Here’s What I’d Do

So Here’s What I’d Do

My first share comes from a fellow blogger, David Warwick, who explores 10 technology solutions for schools. (His blog by the way is should follow and read)

While not all of these solutions would be practical at the school I teach...I think many would apply and would be great upgrades for all high schools.

My favorite is the first...go as paperless as possible! LMS systems, both paid and free are readily available. In the right circumstances paper copies should become a thing of the past. Students can email or share through Google Docs. In the LMS environment students can upload their work for teachers to see and assess. Memos and other administrative tasks can be accomplished with any of these avenues.

In short...go paperless and reinvest the money into more computers for our students...

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  1. AMEN to that! Why we are wasting already lean budget dollars on disposable resources like paper in printing is just beyond me! Not to mention the speed at which we can work digitally. I still remember my first year teaching when everyone was taking attendance electronically, except for three teachers who would have to have students walk their attendance forms down to office at beginning of class because, "They cancelled our pick up service because of this ridiculous electronic attendance thing." Yep...I guess administrative tasks can be accomplished electronically. :)