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Thursday, November 17, 2011

My first could have been better!

Well I produced my first screen cast had a little to be desired, but it taught me a few lessons that will make my screen casts awesome when they count (second semester).

1.  I don't need to be dull just because I am on camera.  I need to speak with the same veracity as I do in the classroom.  I don't want to bore them to death within or outside the classroom. 

2.  I really need a usb touch pad with a pen to write.  It is really hard to write on my Macbooks track pad.  I have to get that piece of hardware soon.

3.  Camtasia is a really easy piece of software to use.  I hope I am able to continue to use it as my production software. 

I did show my students the highlights in class.  I think they are inrigued and interested...lets hope they can get as excited as I am...

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  1. I began flipping my poetry workshop and was a little nervous at first, then quickly saw the benefit for my students. Flipping has allowed me to be more of a facilitator as opposed to a DIRECT instructor. Feedback from my students has been crucial to me. I ask them, "What is working for you? What is not? Where are you falling down/confused? What success have you felt? Their feedback helps me to plan which lessons still need clarification (one-on-one, in small groups, whole class) and which lessons kids have nailed and go move on with a quick check-in with me. I feel like finally, my students are going home more exhausted than I am!